Sunday, October 9, 2011

Capturing Laughter

It's the little moments that make a day great and a life spectacular.
While at the lawnmower races today there were large spans of time that we waited patiently for the next heat race to be ready.  A great many people can wait patiently during these times but a pair of three year olds and a two year old tend to not be so patient.  They started a rousing game of keep away.  It went from us chuckling at them running circles around our cluster of lawn chairs trying to get 'the hat' to involving five kids, two adults, five hats, tackling, tickling and lots of laughing.  I do believe we were entertaining the whole crowd, well at least a portion of it.  ;0)
Those are the golden moments!  The priceless ones that I enjoy capturing and reflecting on days later.

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