Sunday, October 2, 2011

Capturing Words

Okay, since linking up to them rarely works for me, here is what I can do.

Here you will find Jess's welcome post and links to everyone else participating.

Day two of Capturing Words.

It’s simple really, I want to take more time for me.  Do I have time to take a walk, relaxing bath or go out on a daily, ha – weekly, basis?  Nope.  I’m getting better.  Getting up in the morning focusing on My Father, spending time with the words in His book and conversing with Him.  Getting up before the rest of my house wakes is going a long way to finding time for me.

My hope with committing to 31 Days of Capturing Words is that I will find a few moments each day to capture those moments in life that are fleeting, but that by writing them down are words of remembrance that will be here forever.

Even this, now, these quick sentences I type are now here for me to look back on.  Reflecting on my time as a MYM AC and the gals in my group that are enjoying this experience with me.  Looking back and recalling those two crazy weeks when we realized how horrible Madi’s teeth were and not only did she have cavities, but need a surgical procedure to properly fix and handle those issues.

It takes time, and effort with the process that I have to use to do this, but it’s ALL worth it.  The capturing of my faithstepsnfootprints.  Oh, so worth it!

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