Sunday, October 30, 2011

Capturing Daddy's Love

A post over at is the inspiration for this post.  Tonia Booker shared this post.  Then she asked for others to share their experiences.
So, what's my story of My Daddy's love for me?  I find myself constantly amazed at His unconditional love.  I know that that's what a father does, he loves you not in spite of your imperfections but because they make you, you.  That's just it, I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be.  I forget to clean up after my every little mess.  I don't keep up with the laundry.  I burn supper and show up late more often than not.
The most beautiful gifts He's ever given me are my children.  My husband and I didn't manage to keep rein of our sinful passion before marriage.  God doesn't make mistakes but He is great at surprises.  Our first born arrived in October 2000 three and half months after our June wedding day.  What an amazing blessing!!  Jayden was my first hint at the great things My Daddy had in store for me.  When we thought we were ready for baby number two God taught us another small lesson.  It was something along the lines of patience, but mainly just to trust in Him.  Our second baby dances safely in the presence of Our Father.  Lost to miscarriage in "February 2003 I learned a bit of what losing a child is like.  Amazingly we were blessed quickly after that and babe number three was due early January 2004.  I got to become a stay-at-home mom in the fall of 2003 enjoying time with Jayden while preparing for a new baby.  Jayden came early so I sorta expected that the next time around.  The only thing I said was that I didn't want a 'Christmas baby'.  I didn't want to miss out on the festivities of such a wonderful family focused day.  Then I learned that children will often do the opposite of what you want them to and got my first hint at My Dad's sense of humor.  Andrew made his arrival in the wee morning hours of Christmas 2003.  A Daddy's gifts are amazing and beautiful.  I just didn't realize how absolutely good He is at them.  We still thought we were in control of our plans as we made plans to expand our family again.  Again the blessing of babes and loss came our way.  One in early summer 2005 and one in spring 2006.  I was so sad but I knew that God had a greater plan for me.  Broken and healing I was learning to turn to My Daddy and His all knowing love to handle my days.  Daddies love their children, through the good times and bad, happy and sad, loving them through it all.  Once upon a time I went through my days amazed at the families with kiddos aged so closely together.  I was always thankful my blessings were spread apart.  Then I was blessed with twins.  Mack and Madi came in March of 2008 bringing with them lessons and experiences that only a Daddy knows I need.  After their amazing arrival and adjustment as a family of six from four we (still) thought we were in control of family planning.  Oh, Dad must have loved laughing at us.  He knows that some learn their lessons quickly and others need reminder upon reminder that we're not in control of this earthly life.  When asked if we're done having kids I've learned to say 'only if God thinks so' because, yes I finally learned.  Huh?!?!  See we have this amusing little comic relief blessing that came in the form of a ornery little boy in May of 2009.  A quick 14 months after M&M.
Wow, My Daddy loves me!!  In less than ten years I had experienced more than I ever dreamed.  Blessings that included gifts of squalling babes, the pain of loss, the love of connections through all of this.  Oh, yes, my Daddy loves me.  He spoils me daily when I but take the time to look around and see all that He's done for me.  I know I wouldn't know the value in having my babies without feeling the pain of the loss of my babies.  I wouldn't know how to recognize all the beauty in my days without having seen the sadness that comes in them too.
Oh, Daddy, how you love me, even me to give me so much.  I couldn't ask for more than what I already have, but I'm learning that you have so much in store for me and I shall simply prepare myself.
Daddy, I love you!  Thanx, so much, for loving me!!


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