Thursday, October 6, 2011

Capturing Peace

Okay, so this is kinda difficult to capture words on every single day.  I barely have time to get laundry folded much less write.  Still I've done better than I thought I would.  :0)
Today I'm content to capture some peace while I'm here.  My little girl has some problem teeth and to best handle fixing all those cavities we have opted for a surgical type procedure.  That way they can use general anesthetic to send her to sleepy land and fix all of these issues at one time.
It's not a huge procedure, but just the same it is.  We are so blessed to have kiddos that are healthy and we haven't had much need for a huge health procedure of any kind.  The best part of all of this is seeing God's hands over the past week.  I have issues with dentists, get nervous for my kiddos when they go to the dentist and yet this is so easy to handle today.  We discovered her problem teeth nine days ago, visiting with the pediatric dentist, getting a physical and having this procedure set up and handled in just over a week is amazing.  I know God knew that I would've been a nervous wreck if I'd had to wait the customary 3-4 weeks for an opening for her procedure.  So He gifted me with a crazy week that I was too busy to worry.
Sitting in the admitting area the two of us just relaxed and prayed.  I prayed for peace for Madi that she wouldn't be scared and that everything goes smoothly and swiftly.  The dentist and anesthesiologist were beautiful women with the very utmost thought of Madi and her comfort today.  I thank Him for blessing us with this experience.
I sit and pray and think of the people surrounding Madi and that they all feel the amazing love of Our Father today.
Ah, capturing peace, what a wonderful experience!

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