Friday, October 7, 2011

Takin' Five on Friday - Capturing Ordinary

Oh so sweet it is to take this time.

Gypsy Mama and her five minutes Fridays tied together with 31 Days.


Ordinary is the every day, laundry washing, drying, folding and stacking.  Inhaling the sweet fresh air of clothes off the line.  The sanity saving routines that mean we don't settle in for the unwinding of the day until after the dishes are done.
The ordinary of creating new morning routines that include waking early, spending time with My Father, reading His words and starting the day long conversation with Him.  Learning how to work in a bit of healthy movement and eating a breakfast worth my time too.
My favorite ordinary is the simple prayers when we connect hands and whisper prayers.  It's also the quiet counting of gifts each day, reflecting on all to be thankful for.
Hugs and kisses, sticky fingers, dirty chocolate milk glasses, toys sprawled across the house and yard.
The simple reminders of a beautifully blessed life.

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